LocationCinemaDateSite Link
New ZealandRegent Theatre, Hokitika28 May 2018, 8.00pmInfo / Buy Tickets
VIC, AustraliaHoyts Cinemas, Frankston4 Jun 2018, 7.00pmInfo / Buy Tickets
QLD, AustraliaThe Majestic Theatre, Pomona11 Jun 2018, 7.00pmInfo / Buy Tickets
QLD, AustraliaMajestic Cinema, Nambour12 Jun 2018, 6.45pmInfo / Buy Tickets
QLD, AustraliaBCC Cinemas, Noosa13 Jun 2018, 6.45pmInfo / Buy Tickets
VIC, AustraliaSun Theatre, Yarraville18 Jun 2018, 7.00pmInfo / Buy Tickets
LONDON, UKRitzy Cinemas, Brixton27 Jun 2018, 6.00pmInfo / Buy Tickets

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We are using Cinema On Demand to release PGS in movie theatres in Australia & New Zealand in October 2017, and across the UK and Ireland beginning February 2018. This means everyone has the chance to experience this film on the big screen.

Hosting a cinema screening is a great way to share with your community or clients. It is also free and easy to do – all you need to do is make sure a minimum amount of tickets are sold – simple.

Just book in at the FanForce website and pick the time, date and cinema and they will take it from there. They will even help you promote it and give you a percentage of the ticket sales. Once FanForce have secured your booking they’ll send you an email with all the details and tools you’ll need to get promote your event. Book here.


Want to host a screening of in a non-cinema community venue? No problem! Just check if the venue has everything you need to screen the film, whether they screen from BluRay or DVD and how many seats they have. Then book in at the FanForce Website and be sure to let them know all the details about your venue. They will help you promote the event and give you a portion of the tickets sales. Book here.