PGS Official Trailer

What is PGS?

PGS – Intuition is your Personal Guidance System is a 90 minute movie shot all around the world over a three year period. It documents Bill Bennett’s journey to find the source of a voice which saved his life. The movie features some of the world’s leading experts on intuition, spanning the fields of science, religion, and spirituality, and discusses what is intuition, how it works, and how we can access it to lead a more enriching life.
Making the film changed Bill’s life – watching it could change yours.

How do you get to see PGS?

We are using Cinema in Demand (Theatrical On Demand® in the US) to release PGS in movie theatres near you. This screening method is a new way of watching movies such as PGS. Sign up to host a screening, get enough people together, then PGS will come to your city. This means everyone has the chance to experience this film on the big screen. This also means that we need your help to bring PGS to your city!

Want to watch PGS in your city?

Hosting a screening is EASY – pick the date, time, and theatre where you want to host your screening, and our hosting partner will set everything up for you. PGS will then come to your city if enough tickets are reserved. Help us spread the word!

Choose your region to initiate a screening:

PGS is a movie that’s best seen in a cinema. It’s more than a film, it’s an experience. And with a Cinema on Demand screening, there’ll most probably be a Q&A afterwards. And if you’re hosting a screening, it will be an opportunity to promote your own activities.

As Bill Bennett says in the trailer:

“Making this movie changed my life –
Watching it could change yours…”